New York City is a tremendous field for platforms like FJMN. New York City is the center of world business, economy, and culture where many international corporations have their global/U.S. headquarters.

Within these corporations are top senior executives who possess abundant business knowledge, skills, and experiences. While these top executives are doing business with their partners and clients, a lot of ambitious, young professionals are also here, conducting daily affairs and expanding their expertise in usual business industries.

These rising professionals are undoubtedly expecting to widen their global business skills and opportunities based in New York. JaNet, however, has examined the current Japanese communities in New York, looking for any “platform” which will match these two groups, well-experienced global C-suite executives and ambitious young professionals, as “mentor” and “mentee,” and, although we can see a couple of occasional business events or mentorship-like seminars, there is no platform or program acting with sustainable goals.

Furthermore, New York City is also the host to many international students and young talents who come from abroad, including Japan, to fulfill their ambitions.

However, upon arrival, these promising young people are often siloed to their school communities and restrictive workplaces, confined to their first-generation peers. While there are numerous sources to assist in assimilating to student life and developing language skills, until now there has been no method to lead youngsters into global, metropolitan business life and to share knowledge between senior and junior colleagues.

The realistic goals of FJMN are to

1. Provide frequent, continual opportunities for young professionals to personally meet, interact with, and learn from experienced C-suite executives and businesspeople in the greater New York metropolitan area in order to acquire global business experience and knowledge.

2. Integrate isolated first-generation Japanese into the global business society and enable them to learn business English and local business culture by participating in regular meetings, exchanges, learning experiences in and around New York City .

3. Expand both NPO and cultural boundaries by maintaining a presence in New York City and lending a hand to our fellow communities.

FJMN is currently achieving its goals.

FJMN has hosted 12 major events and 12 smaller events open to the public, with a total of 630+ participants a year, and, in the past year, we hosted four seminars in the “NY Business Executive Lecture Series. Both FJMN members and non-members expanded their global business knowledge and insight through the lectures, as well as interactive Q&A sessions, and upon completion, those who participated offered their sincere gratitude and testimonials.

The “NY Business Executive Lecture Series” has been covered in Shukan NY Seikatsu, and due to our regular activities and social media presence, FJMN is going to reach 1,000 likes on Facebook.

In the past year, FJMN has also made a concerted effort to give back to our fellow communities. Most recently we supported the memorial ceremony, Together for 3.11, commemorating the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

We also supported a memorial ceremony in support of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake on January 15th, attended a ceremony at the Japanese American Association of New York, Inc. on February 27th, attended a marketing seminar of the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce on July 5th, supported and organized a lecture concerning sub consciousness on July 17th, and also supported and organized a financial education lecture on August 21st of 2015.