Since our authorization in 2007, the NPO JaNet has carried out activities through the Japanese language and culture in order to foster connections among individuals flourishing in New York. Beginning in 2013, we set our focus on a series of activities that activate an exchange of knowledge between business people and young people and build a platform for their future endeavors. We are currently extending the reach of our activities in order to receive greater support.

In the extraordinary corporate environment of America and New York, there are many executives who can offer their advice concerning work and the pursuit of knowledge and can widen our outlook on life. I, myself, serving as a business manager in New York, am fortunate to have the opportunity to support our young people and offer them advice concerning the future.

Presently, we are offering a program under the name of Future Japan! MENTOR Network (FJMN) in order to facilitate meetings with executives who have endorsed us in training the gifted individuals of the future and with businesspeople who are positioned as allied mentors. Through FJMN, businesspeople and foreign students can broaden their experiences and take charge of the future from the perspective of New York City.

I have assurance that if the breadth our support can permanently reach “all Japan,” or even “all executives,” the contribution of the young people who will create our future will spread to even more companies. I would greatly appreciate it if the support of those executives cooperating with us would expand. Moreover, I look forward to the limitless power of the young people who have joined us in our activities.

-NPO JaNet President, Hirofumi Sakaeda