A New Perspective on “Work”

FJMN members had the privilege to tour Google’s New York office on Wednesday, February 1. A massive 16 floor, 3 million square foot building, located in Chelsea, houses Google’s engineering operations and North American advertising sales teams that are innovating the way we communicate and exchange information across the globe everyday.

Thanks to Paul Vishayanuroj, a software engineer who joined Google two years ago, FJMN members got a close up view of Google’s unconventional workspace, which includes a slew of amenities such as a gym, massage room, cooking classes, and even scooters to speed up the “commute” on the corridors that run between 8th and 9th Avenues.

Much like its search engine, extensive suite of applications, and partnerships that have become quintessential in our generation, Google’s office truly knows no limits.

It makes us wonder to what extent we have unknowingly been trapped inside the mold of our habits and traditions. Of course, playing foosball in between HD video conference calls is not that important. But, maybe, breaking down the rigid appearance of “work” and getting to the essence of innovation and creativity is.

Seeing the progressive operations at Google opened our eyes to see “work” in a new way. Perhaps, our most meaningful work is to uncover and develop the brilliant talents and ideas that we already possess but have failed to recognize.

Joanna Nishimoto

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